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Campus is a complex of students’ dormitories and the territory on which they are situated.

It is made of students’ Hostels where 21,000 people live and it is one of the Volodymyr Dahl East-Ukrainian National University structural units. The campus consists of four dormitories. At the departments there have been worked out, approved by deans and implemented ‘Regulations of students’ self-government’. The activities of students’ self-government are performed according to the work-plan of students’ councils in dormitories which is developed for a year.

Hostels  are provided with all necessary facilities for living, studying, relaxing, there are rooms for a person on duty and for other sanitary and common needs. The system of campus educational work is aimed to form national intelligentsia; to create conditions for the development of a student’s personality, his self-consciousness and general culture by means of attraction to creative activities of various kinds; to popularize self-education as a school of forming the skills of a future organizer and leader of youth. Students’ councils in dormitories organize cultural and educational and sports activities at the university dormitories. They take care of settling students at the dormitories, of providing them with all necessary life facilities; arrange parties, contests for the best room, floor and Hostels. Students are settled at the dormitories according to the ‘Regulations of a students’ Hostel’.


Sectors working at the dormitories:

  • Household sector
    The sector controls repairs of living quarters, forms students’ groups which take care of accomplishment of dormitories and territories adjacent to them, plans everyday duties at students’ dormitories.
  • Health sector
    Controls functioning of places of public use. Checks sanitary conditions of living quarters, rooms for studying and corridors. Arranges holding of ‘The sanitary day’.
  • Cultural and entertainment sector
    Organizes discos and parties, controls the work of lounges, provides dormitories dwellers with the information about students’ life at the dormitories.
  • Sports sector
    Organizes the work of sports sections. Controls the work of sports rooms and the use of sports equipment. Takes part in organization and conducting of different sports contests at the dormitories and outside them, attracts students to the carrying out of ‘The blood-donor’s day’, forms committees which read lectures on the harm of smoking.
  • General Description Of The Hostel №2

    The Hostel №2 began to work in 1964. There are 435 students of mechanical department and the departments of mathematics and the natural sciences living at the Hostel. There are sports sections, including the Thai boxing club, the center of physical and mental improvement, sports and tennis rooms there. The availability of football, basketball and volley-ball teams makes it possible to organize sports competitions at the Hostel and between all the dormitories. Besides, there works the chess club. Canteen and laundry are going to be arranged soon at the Hostel. Now the working out of the computer local network among all the dormitories is in process and the access to the internet will soon be possible. At the Hostel №2 are created certain conditions for the development of creative and individual skills of students: there are lounges and amateur art activities club there.

    General Description Of The Hostel №3

    The students’ Hostel №3 began its work in 1968. According to the project its square is 3592, 3 s. km. The Hostel is designed for 615 people. There are 214 living rooms intended for three people there. The Hostel has at its disposal a lobby with a sitting-room, two rooms for studying, the hall ‘Yunist’’ (‘Youth’), a tennis room, bath-rooms, ironing room, the room of the students’ council. At the Hostel №3 live students of six departments: electrotechnical, of computer technologies and automation, of mass communications, philosophic, philological, of history and law.

    Dormitories №4 and №5 – are two nine storied buildings divided into two extensions which have sectional structure. There are kitchens, living quarters and rooms for studying in each extension. The extension is divided into three sections with four rooms each intended for two or three people and with sanitary arrangements. The square of each Hostel is 2843 s. km., with 196 living quarters.

    General Description Of The Hostel №4

    The Hostel №4 has worked since 1976. There is mini-library, rooms for studying and leisure, bath-rooms, renovated sports hall, three tennis tables there.

    At the Hostel live students of the research institute of the railway transport and research institute of the transport technologies. There are also foreign students from China, Syria, and Pakistan living at the Hostel. Of the most active students of the two institutes there was formed the Hostel students’ council with forty members-activists. There is a building group at the Hostel. Students themselves have organized and now plan the duty on the watch and at the extensions which helps control violation of the rules of living at the Hostel. Contests of various kinds, parties, informal meetings with foreign students are held at the Hostel.

    General Description Of The Hostel №5

    The Hostel began to work in 1978. At the Hostel №5 live about 500 students of the university who study at the departments of management, of finances and economics, of mass communications, besides, students of the institute of second higher education, of correspondence education and the magistrates of public government. Students living at the Hostel arrange and take part in entertainment parties and amateur art activities clubs, train in sports sections.

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