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Prior to the announcement lists entrants DREAMS them. V.Dalya Less than a week

Posted on July 28, 2012 at 7:20 AM

By the deadline for receiving documents for full-time study remaining 4 days. Compared to last year in East Ukrainian National University named twice the number of those wishing to study in engineering and natural-mathematical areas of training. This year in these areas, in accordance with government policy on industrial development and high-tech industries in Dahl University increased the number of budget places to 30%.

"This year has changed spectrum of training, popular among students. We are seeing increasing number of undergraduate degrees in engineering and technology - said the executive secretary of the selection committee DREAMS them. V.Dalya Vladimir Salo. - Of course, traditionally a large number of applications received for legal, economic and humanitarian areas. For example, in the direction of "Social Work" competition applications is already over 30. Final results of the sum is too early because too many students come in just the last two days of filing. "

At the direction of "Law", "Personnel Management and Labor Economics", "Tourism" - competition of 17-18 applications. Slightly less competition in the following areas of training, as a "practical psychology", "Hotel and restaurant business," "International economics".

Average contest applications for all engineering and natural sciences and mathematics areas in Dahl University is 5. Among these categories, the largest competition of seven statements - for directions "Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Nature" and "Computer Engineering".

About 20% of applications submitted to sleep after. V.Dalya received via the Internet. The competitive situation and its position in the ranking applicants may look at a single state electronic database for Education "contest." View the direct link to the rating on Dahl University can be named the official site of Dreams. V.Dalya (http://vstup.info/2012/i2012i21b.html).

Recall that the rating lists of applicants to full-time department, under the rules of admission, will have posted on August 1. Transfer students who have to compete for budget places held no later than August 11, and to compete for a contract form of training - no later than August 25.

By Galina Shcherbak

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