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In Dahl University published a collection of materials on the "Young Guard"

Posted on July 30, 2012 at 1:55 PM

On the initiative of the Department of History Faculty of Law of Ukraine East Ukrainian National University named after Vladimir Dal published materials on the 70 anniversary of the Komsomol youth underground organization "Young Guard" in Krasnodon. The collection "... And not in a hole they were thrown, and in our hearts "were theses of the International scientific conference of students and young scientists held in late April, scientific articles, poems of famous poets Lugansk.

 To establish edition of Head of the Department of History of Ukraine DREAMS them. V.Dalya Professor Nikolai Evdokimov, associate Nataliya Safonova and Andrei Fomin. The book published about 70 materials from the "Young Guard" of students and young scientists not only Dahl University, but also Russian universities - Orel State University and Volgograd State Pedagogical University social.

"Young Guard" lives, educates, tempers - said in his welcoming remarks, Dean of the Faculty of Law Professor Lydia Lazor. - The memory of the fallen, the harsh lessons of the past war, calling each of us to exert maximum efforts for the creation, manifestation of creativity, acquisition of new knowledge and continuously learn to be at the requirements of the XXI century. "

The materials collection deals with the creation and operation of underground youth organization "Young Guard" features and problems of natural resistance Lugansk Youth Nazi regime analysis exploits children heroes of World War II and the main directions of patriotic education of the modern young generation. But Nikolai Evdokimov of the opinion that the more deep and true research scientists, historians, neutral ideological postulates of many parties.

Recall that the youth underground organization "Young Guard" was established in summer 1942 in Krasnodon. It consisted of about 110 young people who distributed leaflets calling not to obey the German occupiers, led subversive activities and set fire to the labor exchange, what helped about 2000 people was saved from export to Germany.In January 1943 the organization was exposed, and the majority of its members killed.


By: Natalia Verhunenko

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