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Ending the second wave receiving original documents

Posted on August 9, 2012 at 7:15 AM

By the seventh August, including applicants, receiving commission recommended East-Ukrainian National University named after Vladimir Dal to enroll in full-time education and wishing to study at the university must submit to the Admissions original documents. 

According to the rules of admission, applicants are recommended to enroll in the field of public order, have set deadlines to submit personally to the selection committee the necessary package of original documents. To those who submitted an application for entry into electronic form, must, in addition, e-sign their own statement, printed in the receiving university committee.

This year the traditional admissions process takes place in three stages. On August were first published rating lists of applicants. Applicants are recommended to enroll in full-time education, to August 4 inclusive were able to submit to the Admissions original documents. Fifth in August began the second phase of admissions and lists upgraded.Students can submit original documents to the seventh August inclusive. Eighth August admission for the third time will publish lists of applicants. For those who rated became one of the recommended entry to the state order, the final deadline for original documents - 10 August inclusive.

Placing students on the budget form of training will be held no later than August 11, and the contract form of training - no later than August 25. Rating applicants for admission rules, ordered by competitive score from larger to smaller. He can be found on the official website of the Information System "Competition» (http://vstup.info/2012/i2012i21b.html) and information booths in the lobby of the first building of the University (April Youth, 20a).

Recall that eager to get an education for part-time basis may apply to the Admissions Office by 18 August. But for certain categories of applicants deadlines somewhat reduced: those who come to bed them. Dal on the lines "Journalism" and "Human Health", applying to August 9, and those that are not certified external testing and pass entrance exams at the university - to 12 August. Rating lists are recommended for admission applicants for part-time office will be released on August 19. Transfer students who have to compete for budget places held no later than August 25, and to compete for a contract form of training - no later than August 30.

By: Natalia Osychnyuk

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