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Student Day was started in Dahl University intellectual quest

Posted on November 21, 2012 at 2:40 AM


On the eve of Student Day in East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl held-university quest.For title of the strongest fighting 16 teams - 4 student from each faculty and institute. The organizer of this event was the student council DREAMS them. Dal supported by the university administration.

Participants had to pass 16 locations where they could show their ingenuity, logic and unusual thinking. The explanation of each location gave the key to the next. To fulfill one task was given five minutes. Under the rules of the game participants for correct answers could earn a maximum of 100 points. The team that finishes first gets an extra 10 points.

During the quest university students showed a high level of knowledge in the exact sciences and humanities. Most interesting for the participants was station "of Vladimir Ivanovich Dal", where it was necessary to recall dates and events in the life of the Cossack Lugansk. The winner of the quest of 105 points was the team of the Institute of Economics and Finance University of Dreams. Dal.It represented the first year students Nair Hasanov, Cyril cloud, Dmitry and Alexey Ignatov Sytnik.

"We are very pleased that this event had a very good and that all departments take active part in it" - shared his impressions Coordinating Council chairman Sergei Yuhnevych student government. Recall that in similar games have become a tradition among the students of the University of East Volodymyr Dahl.


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