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Student DREAMS them. Dal receive scholarship named V.Chornovola

Posted on November 21, 2012 at 2:55 AM

 Fourth year student of the department of journalism East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl Julia Kochmar won the competition for academic scholarships named Chornovil and became thus the five strongest students of (institutions) journalism universities in Ukraine.

Among hobbies Julia Kochmar - journalism and literature: a girl a few years of his life to writing prose, participated in many art competitions. Specifically, in 2010, she placed second in the competition journalistic magazine «Business-partner."

As a member of the Creative Youth "Kids Point" Julia was engaged in charity work: young people read fairy tales and moral support patients hematology department of children's regional hospital. "A few months ago, I took a break and did not come to the children, because it is very difficult moral - said a student. - But I think that now has a strong personality and be able to return to employment charity. " Another aspect of the life dalivchanky - organizing and holding mass cultural and entertainment events in the cities of Luhansk region. Of the latter - a creative contest "Happiness Talent Fest» and thematic beauty contest "autoledy."

Note that in the last year classmate Julia Kochmar Dennis Beaver also one of the five best students (institutions) journalism universities in Ukraine and received an academic scholarship named Chornovil. Dalivtsiv - Fellows 2011 and 2012 linked a common cause - participate in group creative youth "Kids Point."

Recall that the scholarship named Chornovil, according to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on April 26, 2003 № 63 "On the establishment of academic scholarships named VM Chornovil students departments (institutions) journalism universities' annual appointed five full-time students of journalism of public universities, which are most distinguished in education and creative work from the second year. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in cooperation with the National Union of Journalists selects the candidates presented by universities on a scholarship.


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