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The anniversary of the birth Kozak Lugansk dalivtsiv among the winners of a competition

Posted on November 23, 2012 at 2:20 PM


In East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl ceremony awarding creative work "Where was born there and pryhodylsya" dedicated to the 211 anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Dahl. Within two weeks of work will be presented at the Museum of History and achievements DREAMS them. Dal.

The competition was presented about 150 works by students, staff and faculty Dahl University, thematically related to the life and works of Vladimir Dahl. Their authors competed for victory in various categories: computer presentation, a written report, an exhibition of photographs "Dahl places in Lugano" journalistic or poetical work, mural "My fellow VI Dal 'information booklet, Videoreport, portrait, sculpture, design tour route, illustrations art and journalistic writings, Vladimir Ivanovich.

"It's nice when our students show good results at international scientific or sporting events, and even nicer - understand that they are very creative and talented person - said Acting Rector, Vice Rector DREAMS them. Dal professor Michael Smyrna. - Active participation in the competition shows the interest of young people's life and work by our countryman Vladimir Dahl. "

The most active participants in the competition were students of the Faculty, faculty of computer systems and technology, science, management, electrical systems, and Evpatoria Crimea department faculty DREAMS them. Dal. Diplomas winners received dalivtsi Lazorenko Alexander, Anastasia Vinnychenko, Elena Yeresko, Eugene Polishchuk, Arslan Sarypayev, John Serdyukov, Denis Vakulenko, Alina Zhyvolup Maxim Krasnopolskiy, Natalia Dubovik, Arthur Miller and Batir Rovshenov. Among the faculty of the University of jury noted "For the systematic research work with students in the field daleznavstva, conducting student conferences and publishing collections of" head of the Department of History of Ukraine Professor Nikolai Evdokimov and "For leadership of the creative team of faculty" senior lecturer at the Faculty of Crimea Evpatoria Branch Paul Strunina.

Recall that the organizers of a competition is the Administration, Center daleznavstva, trade union organization of students and student government coordinating council of the university. The main objective of the competition is to expand and deepen the general cultural and vocational training students through understanding life's journey Vladimir Dahl, the respect for the individual great countryman, understanding the relationship of the past, present and future of their region and state, as well as identifying, supporting and encouraging the most gifted and talented young people and university staff.



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