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In Dahl University chose the best students of the year

Posted on November 25, 2012 at 6:05 AM


In East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl to celebrate the Day of the student summed up a University annual contest "Student of the Year 2012."

Final eleventh contest "Student of the Year" gathered in the auditorium of students, faculty and staff of the University and senior Lugansk schools. The winners came to greet the representatives of the administration DREAMS them. Dal MP of Ukraine Sergey Gorokhov, a deputy of the Luhansk City Council member Yuri Kirik and October in Luhansk Regional Council Anatoliy Kovtunenko.

"Each of our winners have great achievements in scientific work, sports, social life - addressed the audience acting rector, vice-rector DREAMS them. Dal Michael Smyrna. - I advise you not to stop, so today you have laid your successful future. And our university has all the necessary conditions. "

Event organizers prepared for the participants and guests of the bright festive show featuring team Dahl University of funk-aerobics and creative students of national groups, "Torch," "Dawn of Ukraine", "libertines", "Pulse". Foreign students presented perform songs and dances of their countries.

This year, seventeen dalivtsiv received the honorary title of "Student of the Year 2012." In the category "Quality education" defeated fifth-year student of the Faculty of electrical systems Excellent training Maxim Oksenhorov, fifth year student of the Faculty leader Yulia Yurchyshyn volunteers and student in the Department of Computer Systems and Technologies nominal Fellow of the grant of the President of Ukraine Olga Potapenko. Julia Yurchyshyn has scientific publishing in the Ukrainian language, engages creativity and devotes his spare time charity. Olga Potapenko explores the development of rail transport in Europe and is actively engaged in patent activities. She - Diploma competition for young scientists in the field of transport and winner of nationwide student competition for transport.

In the category "young researcher" was selected three winners. P'yatykursnytsya Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science scholar Confucius Institute Alexander Yakovenko conducts research in the field of strategic management is involved in the research laboratories of Mathematical Statistics University and is studying Chinese language. A student in the Department of Communication Systems rail Sergei Kara was medalist Ukrainian Olympiad in theoretical mechanics, he is the author of five scientific publications and four patents of Ukraine for inventions. A student in the Department of Natural Sciences Michael Hryschenya systematically using modern computer technology in the teaching of subjects, has authored numerous scientific publications and co-authored two guidance.

The best students in the category "Public Figure" recognized p'yatykursnytsyu Institute of Applied Mechanics and Materials Yashchenko Catherine, a student of the fourth year of the research institute of Labour and Social Technologies Bogdan Kandaurova and fifth-year students of the Institute of Jurisprudence and International Law Maxim Pobolelova. Catherine Yashchenko is deputy chairman of the Coordination Council of the student government of the University, is a member of the Academic Council and the Ukrainian forum of leaders of the student movement. Dalivchanka was awarded a letter of thanks Luhansk regional council for active social activities. Bogdan Kandaurov acting commander of the youth labor union "Dalivets" and actively participates in scientific conferences of political science. Participation in the youth council on human rights and development of civil society, which operates under the auspices of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Maxim Pobolelovu earned the title of "public figure" in the "Student of the Year 2012."

Active participation in the public life of the university has brought the University to the winner of the competition "Best head profbyuro University," the head of the Faculty profbyuro p'yatykursnytsi Helen Gunchenko title of "Best trade union activist."Prizewinner of Ukrainian Student Olympiad specialty "Conveying, road construction and agricultural machines and equipment," an active participant in student life faculty fifth-transport systems and logistics Denis Gontar won in the category "singleness."

In the category "Versatility" won student of the Institute of Philosophy and Psychology Cyril Krasnokutskiy, a student in the Department of Economics of innovation and Cybernetics Alena Popova and third-year student of the Institute of Economics and Finance Roman Kovtunenko. Cyril Krasnokutskiy conducts research on contemporary philosophical problems, and is also the screenwriter and director of many faculty activities. Alena Popova repeatedly participated in scientific conferences, has seven scientific papers, headed by the coordinating council student government department. Roman Kovtunenko manages the "Forum Career - 2012", he has participated in many international and national projects, innovative direction and became the winner of regional and local events in track sports.

The title 'Bright personality "contest" Student of the Year-2012 "took fourth-year student of the Faculty of Management and Julia Sebashtiau fifth year student of international faculty Isabelle Malang. Julia Sebashtiau actively participates in organizational and educational work of the University, international scientific and practical conferences on economics and management, singing in folk ensembles of contemporary pop song "Dawn of Ukraine." Volunteer Isabel Malang was a member of the international festival of cultures «GLOBAL VILLAGE», solo acts Folk Modern song "Dawn of Ukraine."

Victory in the last category "Student of the Year 2012" - "Sports University of pride" was the third year student of the Faculty of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology Bogdan Maltsev. Woman - silver medalist at the World Traditional Wushu, winner of the World Cup with wushu, a member team of Ukraine, Candidate Master of Sports, winner of regional beauty pageants, acting coach.

All nominees received certificates and gifts to remember that they are the best dalivtsyamy and received the honorary title of "Student of the Year 2012." Spring Contest Winners of the University will participate in the regional round of "Student of the Year."

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