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Students DREAMS the VI Dahl made a virtual tour of the world

Posted on January 6, 2013 at 4:55 AM

The Institute of jurisprudence and international law East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl the VI International Festival of Cultures «Global village». Organized a celebratory event was Lugansk regional youth organization "Association enterprising students economics and management", which is in Luhansk international youth organization AIESEC, with the support of the Luhansk Regional State Administration and Lugansk Regional Center for Youth Initiatives and Social Studies.

The festival «Global village» attended by students DREAMS them. Dal and public institution "Lugansk State Medical University" ensemble "Lyubavushka" representatives of the German community in Lugano, the Union of Armenians of Ukraine "Krunk" and Lugansk French alliance. In total, the festival was presented culture ten countries - Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Germany, France, Spain and India.

"The festival of cultures is important to us, because in our university's representatives from 52 countries - said vice-rector for research and educational work DREAMS them.Dal professor Galina generous. - We create all conditions for foreign students not only receive a quality education in our universities, but also feel comfortable outside the country. "

Dalivtsi gave viewers several national dances from different countries - Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iraq, sang songs in Russian, Georgian, Russian, Armenian and Azeri languages ​​and international student faculty Ojo Peter played song on saxophone. Student ensembles DREAMS them. Dal - national folk dance ensemble "Torch" and Cossack folk song "libertines" - also presented demonstrated their bright rooms - Ukrainian dance "Gopak" and the song "Barbara."

Guests Institute of Jurisprudence and International Law DREAMS them. Dal introduced viewers festival of culture in Germany, Armenia, Spain, Ukraine and France.Representatives of the German community in Lugano and the Union of Armenians of Ukraine "Krunk" presented present traditional folk dances, and public school students "Lugansk State Medical University" showed a theatrical performance in the domestic Indian costumes. Ensemble "Lyubavushka" went on stage twice: with Spanish dance and Ukrainian dance "Ivan Kupala".

Recall that «Global village» - a one-day cultural event of international youth organization AIESEC. The festival is held annually in order to maximize dissemination of ideas of social equality and tolerance among young people, improving communication skills in students and informing the public about the culture of different nations, their religion and moral values.


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