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Dalivtsi saved Lugansk Snow White

Posted on January 6, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Team Students East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl won the traditional youth car "Santa quest" organized Luhansk city council.

According to the organizers, scripted by envious colleagues Santa Claus from other countries hid Snow White, fascinated her and left guard treasure - "Gold Mazepa," which, according to legend, is in the territory of Lugansk. Four student teams quest-five people had to decode secret messages, find secret items and fulfill orders agents to save Snow White. On the way to her boys had to perform 80 tasks, thematically related to the history and attractions of Lugansk.

The team SLEEP them. Dal fought for victory Anton radion, Maxim Karpenko, Maxim Kochkin, Artem Alexeev and Ivan Pavlov. Through coordinated teamwork and experience gained earlier in the passage quests dalivtsi coped with the tasks first, ahead of its main rivals by almost half an hour. In other came representatives LNU. Shevchenko, third - students Lugansk State Medical University. The last of the tasks handled team Lugansk universities.

"We are very happy to win, since last year, with a minimum margin came second - said one of the team members DREAMS them. Dal Ivan Pavlov. - The current quest was for us a kind of a rematch, and the next year we plan to confirm their victory. "

According to John, with almost all tasks "Santa Quest" team Dahl University coped with ease. And the most difficult for guys was the last puzzle: they had found on a small image chapel. Dalivtsi discovered this secret facility near hotel "Ukraine", where they waited for itself Maiden.

By: Natalia Osychnyuk

Photo: Team Dahl University of representative trade union of university students Alexis Kryvonos



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