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Dalivtsi took prizes at the first on-line programming competitions

Posted on January 6, 2013 at 5:00 PM

In East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl was discovered III regional Olympiad on programming «OPEN-PROGRAMMING 2012." It was attended by 25 teams from four universities Lugansk region.

Olympiad held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Dahl University supported permanent partner faculty representation Ltd. "Infopulse Ukraine" in Lugansk. For the first time the tournament was held in the mode of on-line, which helped to greatly expand the number of participants and improve implementation. Teams were able to register and participate in the competition in remote access. Such a format was joined by representatives DREAMS them. Dal, Lugansk National University. Shevchenko, Institute of Chemical Technology DREAMS them. Dal (Rubizhne) and Donbas State Technical University. The purpose of the «OPEN-PROGRAMMING 2012" was to create conditions for increasing the level of knowledge and evaluation of students in the field of application programming. Starting commands have the following structure: one to three students in the team and coach who was responsible for organizational issues and coordinating the work of nuances . For the event management system was used e-competition judge. Each team was given a name and password to access the system judge. To meet the challenges each team had the opportunity to use one of the following programming languages ​​and environments, respectively: Language Pascal (compiler fpc), Language C + + compiler (gcc), language Java, JDK, environment Eclipse, NetBeans, compiler javac.exe. Competitions were held in one round, which lasted 5 hours. During the competition, all the teams solve the same set of problems. A high level of knowledge and scholarship students SLEEP found them. Dal, took prizes in three. Second place in the intellectual struggle won the team «win32», and honorable third place went to teams Dahl University «Vnuki_solo» and «bits and bytes."

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