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The Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment

Posted on January 21, 2013 at 7:40 AM

In his opening campaign in 2013 will change the distribution algorithm entrants for the testing and improved tests for some subjects. In an interview with the newspaper "Education of Ukraine» (№ 1 dated 08.01.2013) told the director of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment (UCEQA) Irina Zaitseva.

Distribution of entrants for the testing will be carried out after the formation of base entrants based on region of residence and prospective entrant selected language. Details of place, date and time of testing will be indicated in the personal invitation-passing card. Applicants will receive them by mail at least three weeks prior to the testing or can print these documents from your personal page on the site UCEQV.

As innovations in tests, they, according to Irina Zaitseva, primarily aimed at improving the quality of the proposed tasks and more accurate assessment of the knowledge students. Thus, the tests were changed in the following subjects:

 - Physics. Instead of 36 entrants offering 34 tasks, and the time for their performance remained the same (180 minutes). Reduced number of tasks to choose one correct answer, and extended - with open short answer. Also, the increased importance of the exam, where entrants solve problems and fill in the result. The correctness of their decision will be assessed at the maximum 20 points from 56 per test.

 - Foreign language. In tests curtailed the number of speech situations and changed the criteria for assessing their own statement: deleted criterion "Consistency and continuity of presentation" and set new intervals of errors and points that exhibited during the evaluation of speech processing speech.

 - World History and the History of Ukraine. In tests reduced the number of jobs (from 60 to 55) and time of their performance (from 150 minutes to 135).

- Ukrainian language and literature, Russian language. This change is mainly related evaluation criteria spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, grammar and style of language design their own statements entrant.

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