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East Ukrainian National Dahl University advise on registration for SET

Posted on February 4, 2013 at 5:15 PM

 In East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl has consulting point of testing. It made clarifications on the registration testing and admission to university. Recall that on January 4 started registering people to participate in the external assessment.

In one research university in Luhansk region - DREAMS them. Dal - is consulting point of external testing. Its specialists will not only explain how to properly fill out the necessary documents for the administration, but also help you choose a list of competitive subjects, the results of testing of which shall be specified in the certificate required for admission to the University of Dahl.

Prospective participants must register by testing a special program developed by the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment, and send the necessary documents by mail no later than March 5 to the appropriate regional center of education quality evaluation. Shipping documents is desirable to make a valuable letter describing attachment. Registration takes place on the Internet site: (www.test.dn.ua).

Confirmation of the fact of registration to participate in the external evaluation is certificate that will be sent by registered mail with registration card entrant, the newsletter "External independent evaluation in 2013," reported the creation of special conditions for passage of external assessment (for persons who have an opinion institution of Health).

Also important is the pilot external independent evaluation, which according to the order of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment of 15.10.2012 № 86, will be held on 23 and 30 March 2013. Register for a trial testing lasted from 1 to 30 November 2012 on the site of Donetsk Regional Center for Educational Quality Assessment (www.test.dn.ua). Trial testing will be conducted in eleven subjects, and for each participant to be identified special address testing. In SLEEP them. Dal testing points will be located in the third, fourth, twelfth and chief Classroom buildings.

Note that in 2013 the system testing was introduced several innovations:

 -Supplementing subjects world literature;

 -Strengthen controls at the border to prevent the violation of testing procedures for passing external testing (increasing the number of mobile units);

 -Getting applicants who wish to take the exams in one of the languages ​​of national minorities, only one notebook that language. Trial notebook Ukrainian language will not be issued;

-Reduce the number of tasks in the tests on the history of Ukraine and World History (from 60 to 55), and accordingly the time for their implementation will be given less (135 minutes instead of 150);

-Reduce the number of problems in physics (36 to 34), while the time to complete the test remains the same (180 minutes).

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