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"Luganskteplovoz" stressed their interest in cooperation with East Ukrainian National University

Posted on March 5, 2013 at 7:40 AM

In East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl presentation PAT "Luganskteplovoz". The event focused on three main objectives: the presentation of the company, its achievements and perspectives, drawing attention to the students of the professions actualization of the company and deepening cooperation between "Luganskteplovoz" and Dahl University in the field of scientific and inventive activities. 

To participate in the meeting joined leadership PAT "Luganskteplovoz" and teachers and students of the Faculty DREAMS them. Dal headed by the rector of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Alexander Golubenko and dean rail communications systems PhD, Professor Valentin Mogila. During the meeting, Director General of JSC "Luganskteplovoz" Paul Tsesnek introduced a new management team of companies, which also includes young professionals, graduates DREAMS them. Dal, and talked about the current situation in the financial, economic, commercial and technical areas. In his speech, he outlined the main aspects of cooperation with the Dahl vyshem as a major partner in the research and production activities.

The presentation aroused great interest among the participants, as it showed a number of questions to the speakers after the meeting. Most of the questions concerned the possibility of future employment for graduates, internships, implementation of research projects on the basis of the holding. They said Chief Business Development Center Eugene Yakimenko, which coordinates cooperation with University of Dreams. Dal, signifying their desire to "Luganskteplovoz" to deepen ties and interest in the selection of new personnel is among university graduates Dahl, among high-class specialists.

The main result of presentation for the students was application a list of topics dissertations and scientific developments to be implemented, which in case of confirmation of its effectiveness will be presented to receive grants from the enterprise.

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