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People's Artist of Ukraine, Mikhail Golubovi? praised theatrical production dalivtsiv

Posted on March 5, 2013 at 7:40 AM

Student Theatre Institute jurisprudence and international law East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl "Lazoryata" presented the premiere of the musical and poetic plays Lydia Lazor "Students love."

At the premiere performances were present administration, students and teachers Dahl University, as well as special guests - the prosecutor of Luhansk region Anatoly Melnyk, Chief of Justice in Luhansk Irina Zaporozhets, artistic director of the Luhansk Regional Academic Ukrainian Musical Drama Theatre, People's Artist Ukraine Mikhail Golubović and others.

Above the play "Students love" working students, teachers and representatives of the administration of the Institute of Jurisprudence and International Law DREAMS them. Dal. The basis was laid work performance director of the Institute professor Lydia Lazor "Poem about students 'love', and film director became deputy director of the Institute's educational work professor Julia Ivchuk.

"Thank you for what you reveal to the reader, and today - and the viewer, the eternal human values ​​their creativity - said, referring to Lydia Lazor, Michael Golubović. - I saw with what impact working boys and girls on the scene. I thank them for the excellent play. I welcome you to the premiere and I think that today "Lazoryata" declared itself as a theatrical troupe! "

Note that the plot of the play - a love triangle law students: the author's intention, Roman can not decide which of the girls prefer - humble, honest and hardworking Nina or financially wealthy Mary, leading racket and passionate to addictions. Under pressure from the young mother chooses Mary, but their family life is: their child dies, and the novel goes to prison. Mother of a young man ruined, but she comes to the aid Ning. At the end of the play student marries his classmate John.

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