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Volodymyr Dahl East Ukraine National University recognized the best in the professional training of higher education

Posted on March 5, 2013 at 7:45 AM

East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl at the IV International exhibition "Modern Educational Institutions - 2013" was awarded a gold medal in the "Implementation of competencies in the educational process as a basis for quality professional training of higher education" and Diploma "Leader of international activities."

In the opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Minister of Education, Youth and Sports - Chief of Staff Alex Dniprovsky and President of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine Vasyl Kremen. In his speech, Alex Dniprovsky said that the exhibition is a powerful event for the promotion and development of Ukrainian education.

The event was attended by more than 950 Ukrainian and foreign educational institutions at all levels of accreditation and organizations, including more than 130 universities. They presented the best achievements and pedagogical teams, innovations in teaching and educating young people practical experience.

As part of the exhibition contest was held according to the system rating evaluation MONmolodsportu Ukraine, covering various indicators of higher educational institutions III-IV accreditation levels of all forms of ownership. As a result, Dahl University awarded the prestigious award - Diploma "Leader of international activities."

First Ukrainian universities ranged in terms of scientometric database Scopus. SLEEP them. Dal was awarded a certificate of quality scientific publications according to the Hirsch index - an indicator of the performance of the University, based on the number of publications and citations of those publications.

Honorary diplomas were awarded exhibition units DREAMS them. Dal: Department of Project Management and Economic Statistics, Psychology, Economic Cybernetics, transportation systems, industrial and artistic casting, Pedagogy, and  Technology Institute (Severodonetsk).

 Recall that the exhibition "Modern Educational Institutions" held annually and is meant to represent the public, educators, scholars, professionals, government agencies and managing a wide range of achievements in the national education system, creative achievements and pedagogical teams, experience innovative modernization of all levels of education, international integration. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine exhibition in 2010 officially granted international status.By: Natalia Osychnyuk

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