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DREAMS them. Dal - the best classic University of Donbass

Posted on July 19, 2012 at 5:00 PM

As a result of the project "National system of ranking evaluation of higher education", conducted by the Institute for Technology and Education Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Eastern Ukrainian National University named after Vladimir Dal holds first place among classical universities Donbas region.

Methods national ranking based on the use of expert opinion and processing performance of universities by 2010 - 2011 academic and 2011 calendar years for the indices as an international activity, the contingent of students, research and teaching staff, research and scientific and technical activities and index resources. The sum of these indicators - integrated global rating - defines the place in the university group.

Among the 31 Ukrainian classical university III - IV accreditation levels DREAMS them. Dal took 11th place, and among the Donbas universities the same group - the first. As a result of evaluation of quality scientific and technical activities and resources for learning in universities were recognized as successful, quality contingent of students and scientific and teaching staff - quite successful, and international activity - partially successful. In general, experts of the Institute of Technology and Education rated the activity Dahl University as successful.

Higher education institutions activity - an integral part of monitoring of higher education that informs the community about the level of achievements of higher education, the quality of their educational activities, development of teaching and student groups and university administration - the efficiency and effectiveness of their work contributes to the development of strategies effective management and improvement of institutions to fully meet consumer needs in the education market and the labor market. Particularly relevant university rankings are on the eve of the beginning of admissions, because it is the time applicants need objective information about the reputation of university-level education in accordance with these requirements of the real economy and reliability of job prospects.

Recall that the project "National system of ranking evaluation of higher education" was held as part of the economic reforms for 2010-2014 "Prosperous society, competitive economy, effective state" under the Decree of President of Ukraine № 926/2010 "On measures to ensure priority Education Development in Ukraine "and the plan of reform in the direction of" Education Reform ". To participate in the project were invited 229 universities III - IV levels of accreditation of all forms of ownership and subordination, distributed by groups: university culture, art, design, health, economics, finance, management, business, law, law enforcement, civil protection and life safety, educational, humanitarian, physical education and sport as well as private, classical, technical and agricultural.

By: Natalia Osychnyuk


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