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In SLEEP them. Dal identified the first winner of

Posted on January 6, 2013 at 5:00 PM

In East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl summed subtotals University Student Universiade between faculties of four sports - football, tennis, basketball and pulling.

Annual Relay traditionally began competition in football. In tight race first took the first team of foreign students, the second - the team institute law and international law, and the third - the team of the Institute of Economics and Finance. competition table tennis, like last year, the team won the Institute of Applied Mechanics and Materials. The second place team won the research institute of the labor and social technologies. Third place went to school electrical systems. Team competitions for the sport supplement individual championship among students. First place in the individual competition among males took Andrew Sydoruk (Department of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology), second - Vladimir Kovtun (Educational and Research Institute of Labour and Social Technologies), and the third - Ervanh Avanesyan (Department of Transport Systems and Logistics). Among women, the best was Catherine Ovcharenko (Education and Research Institute for Labour and Social Technology), second place Jan Goncharova (Institute of Jurisprudence and International Law), and won a bronze medal Anastasia Gruzina (Institute of Applied Mechanics and Materials.) In the event of tightening this year was attended by eighty students. Gold medal team won the Faculty of Computer Systems and Technologies, the second was the team of the Institute of Applied Mechanics and Materials, and won the third place team of faculty rail communications systems and Philology. In the individual championship for the sport only men competed. First place with a score of 32 times shared together Oleg Vasilenko (Institute of Philosophy and Psychology) and Ivan Shcherbakov (Faculty of Computer Systems and Technologies), second place with a score of 30 times won Vladimir Halapurdin (Institute of Applied Mechanics and Materials) and result in 28 times the allowed Dmitry Sidorov win third place. finished the race first academic semester basketball tournament. In this competition the winner was the team of the Faculty of Computer Systems and Technologies, in second place was the team of international faculty, and third place teams won the faculty of transport systems and logistics. According to the results of competitions in all four sports winner was the team of the Institute of Applied Mechanics and Materials, second place team of computer systems and technologies, and closed trinity winners representatives of the Institute of Economics and Finance. Generally competed to win more than 430 students in 17 teams. In the second academic semester dalivtsi continue to fight for the gold medal in cross-country competitions, powerlifting, chess, kettlebell sport and women's relay, and at the end of the school year will be determined by the overall winner of the year.

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