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Students DREAMS them. Dal won one nomination Ukrainian competition of CSR policy

Posted on January 6, 2013 at 5:00 PM


Student team of the Department of Management and Economic Security East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl «YesNo» took second place and won the nomination "For the bright ideas and teamwork" in the nationwide contest for the best development of CSR policies (corporate social responsibility) for partner companies .

The competition, held in Kiev, nine student teams from different parts of Ukraine presented their development of CSR policies for "Amrita Yukreyn." The organizers of the event were the intellectual center "Corporate Social Responsibility", the Ukrainian Association for Management Development and Business Education, Kiev Business School and the Academy of Labor and Social Affairs FPU. Note that corporate social responsibility - a concept whereby organizations consider the interests of society and take additional measures to improve the quality of life of workers and their families, and society in general.

The team SLEEP them. Dal «YesNo» entered graduate Department of Management and Economic Security - Alena Kononov, Hope Gynecology, Olesya Kuznetsova, Alisa Gorbachev and Ruslan Brain. Under the guidance of lecturer in management and economic security Dahl University, Doctor of Economics, Professor Alexandra Liashenko students developed CSR strategy "Healthy Family - Healthy Ukraine!". Participants were awarded with diplomas and Head of the Department of Management and Economic Security DREAMS them. Dal Doctor of Economics, Professor Anna Kozachenko received thanks from the organizers of the "By actively promoting corporate social responsibility in the training of managers."

Competition team work DREAMS them. Dal consists of four elements that develop social responsibility: corporate volunteering, environment and health, education, support creative youth. As part of the implementation of CSR strategies dalivtsi invited representatives "Amrita Yukreyn" eco-arrange for corporate distributors and employees "Family Day" to spend some contests - Female ("Miss Amrita»), family ("Healthy Family - Healthy Ukraine" ) and creative youth («Amrita Art»), establish a student "school leader" and a program of student exchanges, to ensure reuse and recovery required for the company to launch the publication of materials and corporate magazine "Healthy Heritage Amrita».

Recall that the development of corporate social responsibility in Ukraine - one of the hottest topics of scientific research students and faculty of the Department of Management and Economic Security DREAMS them. Dal. In November 2011 at the university textbook presentation "Corporate social responsibility: models and management practice", and in August 2012 the teachers of the Faculty of Management Dahl University conducted a school-seminar on corporate social responsibility for students' Chicago School of Professional Psychology (USA) and students of Dreams them. Dal.

By: Natalia Osychnyuk



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