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In East Ukraine University discuss gender issues society

Posted on February 4, 2013 at 5:15 PM


The Department of Psychology East-Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl in March 2013 will be the tenth Scientific Conference "Social problems of gender stratification of society."

The aim of the conference is to find a scientific approach to solving problems of gender equality in modern society. To participate in the scientific event invited lecturers and researchers, psychologists, undergraduate, graduate students, undergraduates, university students and all other interested persons.

Participants will discuss a wide range of problems of modern society, including gender identity and human rights, gender aspects of economic relations, interpersonal and family relationships, place of women in politics and governance, Broadcast gender stereotypes in the media. Also during scientific events psychologists analyze gender-based violence prevention technologies and strategies for gender studies to higher education. The practical part of the conference will make workshops.

To participate in the conference to March 15, 2013 to have an e-mail psihology@snu.edu.ua or submit it to the committee. Further information can be obtained by writing an e-mail psihology@snu.edu.ua, or contact by phone: (0642) 41-72-05, (050) 913-15-23 (Olga Litvinova), (050) 874 -33-27 (Peleshenko Elena).

Recall that the Department of Psychology University of Dreams. Dal was established in July 1998. Today 17 highly qualified teachers are preparing students in "Psychology." The department are psychological club «VITA» and psychological research and educational consulting laboratory, which is based on research work and provided psychological support for students, faculty and staff Dahl University. Another direction of the department of psychology is the development of volunteerism.

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