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Faculty Name
Applied Mechanics and Material Science Faculty
  • Graphic and Computer Modeling
  • Industrial and Art Castin
  • Light and Food Industry
  • Machine-Building Technology and Engineering Consulting
  • Machine Science
  • Material Science
  • Materials Processing Processes, Machines and Instruments
  • Metal Pressure Shaping and Welding

Applied Mechanics and Materials Technology Faculty

Department of applied mechanics and materials technology, was founded in 1920 and became the cradle of Voroshylovhrad machine-building Institute which is now called the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University.

The structure of Department of applied mechanics and materials technology includes 9 chairs:

  • Chair of Machine-Engineering Technology (Head of the Chair – Professor Dzyuba V.L.)
  • Chair of Metal Cutting Machine-Tools and Instruments (Head of the Chair – Associate Professor Sokolov V.I.)
  • Chair of Applied Materials Science (Head of the Chair – Professor Ryabicheva L.O.) Chair of Machine-Engineering Technology (Head of the Chair – Professor Dzyuba V.L.)
  • Chair of Metal Pressure Shaping and Welding (Head of the Chair – Professor Rei R.I.)
  • Chair of Light and Food Industry (Head of the Chair – Associate Professor Deineka I.H.)
  • Chair of Industrial and Art Casting (Head of the Chair – Professor Hut’ko Y.I.)
  • Chair of Engineering Science (Head of the Chair – Professor Nosko P.L.)
  • Chair of Drowing Geometry and Graphics (Head of the Chair – Professor Malkov I.V.)
  • Chair of Electronic Industry Equipment (Head of the Chair – Professor Yeroshyn S.S.)

Bachelors and Masters are trained at the Department according to the 6 training courses: Engineering Mechanics, Machine-Building, Technology of Light Industry Production, Welding, Metallurgy Engineering, Materials Science.

Our students pass a predegree practice at the enterprises of Europe, have possibility to continue education or to receive the second at the European universities under conditions of mastering of foreign languages.

Graduating students of the Department after the knowledges versatile persons. Graduates of the department obtain deep knowledge in mechanics, they are able to solve mathematical and economical problems. Using new computer technologies they make complicated engineering accounts, design models, optimize processes and constructions.

20 doctors and 80 candidates of sciences work at the Department.

The department has at its disposal multimedia laboratory, three computer class-rooms, computer club with engineering course of activity, research laboratories and rooms for studies, park of modern equipment, post-graduate department, department of taking doctor’s degree.

Sports sections, collective of bard songs, club of poetry amateurs, club of chess and foreign languages amateurs, choir of kozaks songs ‘Vol’nytsya’, school of catering trade, creative centre “Students’ fashion house” and other creative collectives are functioning at the Department.

Computer Sciences & Technologies Faculty
  • Automation And Computer Integrated Techniques
  • Computer Technologies At Industrial And Urban Transport
  • System Engineering

Computer Sciences and Technologies faculty

Up-to-day development rates of information technologies and computer engineering demand from the worker not only special but also fundamental system knowledge. Technological innovation designs become an integral part of life and the person aiming at success and working at self-improvement should have the knowledge and practical skills of using new devices, networks and systems.

Due to the enterprises and organizations increasing demand for well-qualified specialists who are able to create and operate systems of automatic and automated control over wide range of objects using modern computer and information technologies in July, 2000 the Computer Technologies and Automation Department has been founded. Professor Ul’shyn V.O. was appointed the Dean of the Department, his deputy on educational work – professor Dyadychev V.V. and his deputy on pedagogical work – Associate Professor Kapusta L.V.

The department consists of such chairs as ‘Automation and Сontrol Systems’ and ‘Computerized Systems’. The Chair of Computerized Systems was established in 1998 to train specialists on the speciality ‘Flexible Computerized Systems and Robotics’. The Chair of Automation and Control Systems was founded in 1962 to train specialists on the speciality ‘Automation and All-round Mechanization of Industrial Processes’.

Except the chairs mentioned above in 2003 part the Chair ‘Electronic Industry Equipment’ was established at the department. It has gained a new speciality ‘Information Technologies of Designing’. In 2004 a new chair ‘Computer Integrated Technologies’ was established at the department.

The Order to change the name of the department and its chairs was issued in 2007. These changes are connected with introduction of a new list of courses of training bachelors, Order of the Ministry of Education and Science #58 of 27.01.2007.

Now the Department of Computer Sciences consists of four Chairs: "Computer Sciences", "System Engineering", "Automation and Computer Integrated Techniques", "Chair of Computer Technologies at Industrial and Urban Transport".

Economics Management Faculty
  • Accounting and Analysis of Economic Activity
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Economics of Enterprises
  • International Economics
  • Tourism and Hotel Business


Nowadays processes of internationalization of goods and financial markets, reinforcement of interrelations and interdependency of national economics influence the development of our country more and more. Taking these circumstances into consideration is necessary for pursuing an effective economic policy. This policy should be developed by broad-minded specialists who manage modern informational technologies, have analytical abilities, skills of working under conditions of information, resourses and time deficiency, have skills in foreign languages. Such specialists are trained at the economics department which was founded on September 8, 1972.
 Students of the department can get Bachelor’s degree, become specialists or receive Master’s degree at the chairs: ‘International Economics’, ‘Accounting and Analysis of Economic Activity’, ‘Accounting and Auditing’, ‘Economics of Enterprises’.

 Еlectrical Engineering Faculty
  • Electro mechanics
  • Electro technical systems of power supply
  • Devices

Department of Еlectrical Engineering was founded according to the university rector’s order # 32 of August 27, 1921. The first dean of the Electric Machine-Building Department was appointed by the Academic council in 1964. It was an Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences Bysov Leonid Fedorovych. After him an Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences Dorbunov Dmytro Ivanovych came.

Since 1993 the department was headed by the head of the chair of Electrical Engineering, Honoured worker of Science and Engineering, Associated member of the International Academy of Informatization Yakovenko Valeriy Volodymyrovych, who was given a rank of ‘Honoured professor of the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University’ in 2006.

Now the dean of the faculty is Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Zakharchuk O.S., the Vice-dean is Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences Miroshnichenko O.M.

The main directions of research activities at the department are: new technologies and resource preserving technologies in power engineering, industry and agriculture:

  • elaboration of theory and construction of magnetic separators and guard magnets;
  • elaboration of theoretical base of electromagnetic control over biological objects;
  • elaboration of elements of railway transport electrical equipment;
  • elaboration of theory and elemental base of magnetic control methods.
 Financial Management Faculty
  • Department of Banking
  • Department of Finances
  • Department of Taxation


Finances Management Department was founded in 2007 on the basis of the Finances and Economics Department. The department consists of three chairs: ‘Finances’, ‘Banking’ and ‘Taxation’.

The training at the Department is conducted according to the course ‘Finances and Credit’. Graduates of the Department can take the posts of chief financial officers, economists of companies and state institutions, financial analysts, bank workers, tax inspectors, stock-brokers, commercial agents, appraisers, financial experts, workers of pensionary and insurance systems, economists of revenue, property appraisers.

Great attention is paid to the educational process quality, to the effective cooperation between a teacher and a student in the process of a specialist’s training at the Finances Department.

Together with the educational and methodical work active research investigations in relevant directions of financial and economic sciences are carried out at the Department. Results of the research investigations are implemented and effectively used in the economic activity of enterprises.

The round table discussion on taxation problems with the participation of the leading experts of fiscal service of Ukraine and the Luhans’k region is held every year.

Students of the Finances Department do practical work in the leading commercial banks, taxation administration, state revenues of different levels, big manufacturing firms, insurance companies and other financial and commercial institutions.

The best probationers after graduating from the University are offered a job at the enterprises where they did their practical work.

The Department takes part in the international scientific cooperation. The leading professors of the Department are members of the international research organizations.

Students of the Finances Department are remarkable for their own viewpoint, aspiration for knowledge and self-improvement. They participate in student scientific conferences, Olympiads and international contests.

Great attention at the Department is paid to the harmonious development of a person which includes also physical improvement. Students of the Finances Department often win the national and European competitions.

The students’ self-government of the Department arranges festivals and competitions. The tradition which is passed on from generation to generation is participation in the Club of the merry and ready-witted.

Tourist trips and business trips practice abroad for those who know foreign languages are organized on holidays.

The new principles of education are implemented at the Department. They are aimed at using the international experience and implementing the scientific achievements into the educational process.

 Innovation Economics and Cybernetics Faculty
  • Department of Economic Cybernetics
  • Department of Marketing
  • Department of Personnel Management and Economics Theory
  • Department of Project Management and Applied Statistics


Innovation Economics and Cybernetics Department was established in August 2009 when the department of economic management was renamed, which was formed in July 2007 as a result of the School of Management section, which, consisted of leading chairs of economic and financial departments, which for 30 years have trained specialists in the field of economics management. The head of the department is doctor of economic sciences, doctor of technical sciences, Professor Ramazanov Sultan Kurbanovich.

The Department has a powerful scientific-pedagogical and logistical capacity to train professionals who know the methods of economics management, marketing, project management and labor resources.

More than 70 teachers work at the Department, among whom 15% have a doctorate degree, 67% of the staff are Ph.D. Most chairs are headed by Doctors of Science, leading experts in relevant fields. Specialists and scholars of the Department conduct research on such issues as intelligent systems and modeling technologies, forecasting and decision making in economic and environmental monitoring, computer and mathematical modeling of ecological-economic, medical, biological and technological processes and systems, nonlinear modeling in the social economic and ecological systems, management of regional education systems (Professor Ramazanov S.K.), project management in transition economies, preparing a new generation of public servants in Ukraine (Prof. Rach V.A.); formation? use and development of managerial capacity, study of trends in the modern labor market (Associate Professor Sumtsov V.G.), theoretical and methodological aspects of improving the effectiveness of marketing activities of enterprises (Professor Maksimova T.S.).

Teachers and students do internships abroad, publish scientific articles in specialized editions, participate in joint projects with scientists from leading universities in Russia, Greece, Germany, Spain, France and Poland. The Department has postgraduate and doctoral courses. Best graduates that have received a degree, return to their native chairs as teachers.

Students of Innovation Economics and Cybernetics Department have the opportunity to be involved in art studios, participate in scientific schools meetings, to realize their organizational skills in the university organizations, to attend various sports sections. Annually is held the Scientific Conference of graduate students and young scientists "The Challenges of Globalization and Sustainable Development Model of the Economics”. Organic integration of learning with creative solutions allows representatives of the Department to win prizes in various student competitions almost each year.

The prospect of the Department development is connected with further implementation of the principle of free, creative education, improvement of existing bachelor's and opening new master's educational programs, enlarging international cooperation.

The main activity of the Department is the organization of educational process in full-time, part-time and intense forms of learning in different educational and qualification levels (Bachelor, specialist, Master) in the following specialities:

8.030502 – Economic Cybernetics;

8.080401 – Information Management Systems and Technologies;

8.030507 - Marketing;

8.030505 – Personnel Management and Labor Economics;

8.050110 – Applied Statistics;

8.000002 – Intellectual Property;

8.000003 – Project Management.


All specialities are of the IV-th level of accreditation.

 International Faculty
  • Department of Comprehensive and Fundamental Disciplines
  • Department of Computer Sciences
  • Department of Municipal Building and Services
  • Chemistry and Natural Disciplines Chair
  • Foreign Languages Chair
  • Foreign Citizens Preparatory Department
  • Department on Work with Foreign Citizens
 Law Faculty
  • Department of Archives
  • Department of Economic Law
  • Department of History of Ukraine
  • Department of Law Science
  • Department of State and Law History
  • Department of World History

Law Department of the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University is one of the most popular Departments in Luhans’k because law is the most important component in the process of building a rightful and democratic state in Ukraine.

The structure of the Department includes the chairs of: Law Science, History of Ukraine, World History, History of State and Law, Archives Study, Economic Law. The teaching staff of the Department are highly qualified specialists who apply effective pedagogical and innovation technologies. The evidence of the fruitful work of the scientists of the Department are hundreds of propositions and expert conclusions on the projects of legislative enactments of Ukraine, 40 monographs, about 100 text-books and training aids in law and history.

The Department actively cooperates with the international fund ‘Vidrodzhennya’ (‘Revival’) according to the project № 2506231 ‘Elaboration of Educational and Methodical Complex of the Discipline ‘Fundamentals of Juridical Clinical Practice’ for higher educational establishments adapted to the Bologna process’.

Now the Department is a modern educational complex which includes elements of graded education and trains Bachelors, Specialists, Masters, there are courses of raising level of skills and department of second higher education. Important role in training well-qualified specialists play post-graduate department and department of doctorate where post-graduates and future doctors work at problems of law in the field of labour and social service, native and world history.

Law Department of the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University trains highly qualified specialists in jurisprudence who can work in State government and institutions of local governing, juridical service of enterprises, institutions ,organizations of all forms of property and specialists in history, archives study who can work in the system of educational institutions and archival fund of Ukraine.

There are 1,500 students and post-graduate students studying at the department on day, night and correspondence forms of education.

Law Department has a modern material and technical base at its disposal: a four-storeyed building with comfortable lecture-rooms, computer classes and laboratories in the main fields of law, criminalistic room, guidance room of law.

Students of the Department take part in All-Ukraine, regional and university scientific conferences, Olympiads, contests of students’ works in law and history. For the past five years students have become winners in the All-Ukraine contest of students’ works in law and history among juridical higher educational establishments of Ukraine.

There is a juridical clinic ‘PRO BONO' at the Department. It was organized to consolidate and develop ties between the theory of law and juridical practice, to develop professional skills of students, to let them solve social problems by giving juridical help. The juridical clinic takes part in the program ‘Juridical Clinics of Ukraine’ with the support of the international fund ‘Vidrodzhennya’ (‘Revival’) and is the member of the Association of juridical clinics of Ukraine.

Students of the Department have a chance to use the research library of the university, the stock of which is about 1 million native and foreign sources of information, modern computer databases with access to the Internet.

There is a students’ self-government at the Department. The students’ council solves problems of various kinds which appear in the life of students. Many students participate in the university sports competitions, in contests of amateur art activities and often win.

The head of the Department is Lazor Lidiya Ivanivna, Doctor of Jurisprudence, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Informatization, Academician of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety, Academician of the Higher Educational Establishments of Ukraine, Associate member of the Academy of Juridical Sciences, Honoured worker of science and engineering, Commissar of rank ІІ , Lieutenant-General of the International Committee on Protection of People’s Rights, Honoured lawyer of Ukraine. Lazor L.I. is a well-known scientist in labour law, author of more than 200 research works, founder of the labour law school in the Luhans’k region.

Lazor L.I. is a member of the International Association of Writers’ Unions, member of Writers’ Union of Russia, author of 25 poetic, prosaic and musical collected works of different kinds. In her books Lazor L.I. writes about moral principles in life, about belief and moral improvement. Reading her works you understand how difficult it is now to have moral principles and cultural values.
 Management Faculty
  • Department of Administration
  • Department of Foreign-Economic Activity Management
  • Department of Management and Economic Security
Management Department was founded according to the order # 6 of June 25, 2007 issued by the Rector of the University. The Department consists of the following chairs: Business Management, Foreign-Economic Activity Management, Administration.
 Mass Communication Faculty
  • Department of Journalism
  • Department of Politology
  • Department of Physical Education
  • Department of Sociology


The department was founded according to the rector’s Order dated 2006 on the base of the Department of Linguistics, Journalism and Sociology and the Department of History and Politology. Nowadays Mironova Tetyana Anatoliivna takes up the post of the Dean of the department. The whole history of the department development lies in ceaseless movement ahead: establishment of new specialities, forming scientific base of disciplines, rising educational standard of teaching staff and students, inheritance of cultural and aesthetic traditions of one big friendly family – Mass Communications Department.
 Mathematics & Informatics Faculty
  • Department of Applied Mathematics
  • Department of Computer Systems and Networks
  • Department of Informatics
  • Department of Mathematical Analysis


Mathematics is the base of natural sciences and together with information science it is the foundation of many fields of sciences and the main instrument in learning general regularities of world outlook. Mathematics and Informatics Department was established according to the order of the university rector # 16 of August 27, 1995. The Department consists of the chairs: Informatics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis, Computer Systems and Networks. The main direction of the department activity is organization of the educational process of training specialists according to different forms of education and qualification standards.

Graduates of the department are able to act professionally in different economic and social conditions and are ready to cope with such tasks as mathematical and information modelling in technical, economic and social spheres; designing and elaboration of information systems and technologies; elaboration, operation and maintenance of system and applied software; designing, tuning and service of corporation and global networks and information protection in these networks; teaching mathematics and disciplines connected with informatics and computer technology.

Students ate taught by well-qualified teachers who have scientific degrees and titles and a considerable length of service in research and educational fields, who are the authors of hundreds of methodical and training aids, textbooks, monographies, author’s certificates, patents. The most experienced teachers have Microsoft and Cisco certificates.

Our students have at their disposal modern computer class-rooms, high-speed access to Internet, multimedia lecture-rooms, information resources of the department.

At the Department work research laboratories ‘Statistics’ and ‘Applied Informatics’, regional center ‘Skhidny’ (‘Eastern’) which deals with information protection, seminar of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences ‘Technical Means of Information Protection’ and the annual conference ‘Information Technologies and Safety in Operation’. There has been also created a mathematical research center for the effective usage and development of scientific, methodical, pedagogical and material and technical potential of the Mathematics and Informatics Department.

Scientific investigations in mathematics and informatics are carried out in perspective directions. There are research schools ‘Mathematical modelling of complicated technical systems: problems of synthesis and analysis’, ‘Mathematical statistics and theory of probability’, ‘Information and computer networks security’, post-graduate department, department of taking doctor’s degree for those who would like to receive the scientific degree of a candidate or doctor of sciences at the Department.

 Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnologies Faculty
  • Department of Autonics and Transport Management
  • Department of Electronic Industry Equipment
  • Department of Micro- and Nano electronics


The Automobile Transport Department was founded in 2007 on the basis of the Institute of Transport Technologies chairs according to the Order № 6 of June 25, 2007 of the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University. Now the department includes four chairs three of which graduate students.

The dean of the department is Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor Kravchenko Oleksandr Petrovych.

At the department students are trained on three specialities: ‘Automobiles and Automobile Equipment’, ‘Municipal Construction and Servicing’, ‘Organization and management of Transportation and of the Transport (Automobile Transport)’. General engineering disciplines, such as Theoretic and Applied Mechanics, Resistance of Materials are taught at the chair ‘Theoretic and Applied Mechanics’. Nowadays new educational technologies are being used in the educational process. That is why at the department are trained specialists of high quality who are able to solve problems connected with planning, organization of financial and transport streams control, operation of motor transport and municipal construction and servicing.

The teaching staff includes many teachers who have scientific degrees and academic status. Now there are five Doctors of Sciences and 31 Candidate of Sciences working at the department.

Students can receive Bachelor’s degree, become specialists or get Master’s degree at full-time courses or correspondence courses at the department. The specialities are accredited according to the fourth level of accreditation.

The total number of students studying at the department every year is more than 1,000 people. There are 615 full -time students and 567 students studying at correspondence course at the department in 2007-2008.

After graduating from the university students of the department can take up leading posts in the field of automobile transport and construction depending on the speciality.

There are research laboratories working at the department. At the chairs from which students graduate there are post-graduate courses. The staff of the department is skilled enough to train well-qualified specialists.

Much attention is paid to research activity. The main directions of research works are technological improvement of the work of automobile transport branch of Ukraine, elaboration of technological processes of automobile transport complex and service centers, technological improvement of transport highways and high constructions building, etc. Students are also involved in these works.

At the department the branch of the Institute of transport systems and technologies of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and Luhans’k department of the Transport Academy of Ukraine are working. The head of these units is Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, honoured worker of science and technology Y.A.Kulikov.

 Natural SciencesFaculty
  • Department of Applied Physics
  • Department of Ecology
  • Department of Hydrometeorology
  • Department of Physics


Natural Sciences Faculty was founded in 1999. The chairs that nowadays the Faculty consists of previously belonged to some other Facultys: the Chair of Ecology was the part of the Mechanical Faculty; the Chair of Physics and the Chair of Chemistry belonged to the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Humanities (1993-1997), then to the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (1997-1999). Together with the establishment of the Faculty the Chair of Applied Physics was founded and in 2005 – the Chair of Hydrometeorology. Now the Faculty includes the chairs of: Hydrometeorology, Ecology, Applied Physics, Physics and Chemistry. Specialists are trained according to four courses of training: ‘Hydrometeorology’, ‘Ecology, Environment Protection and Rational Usage of Natural Resources, ‘Applied Physics’ and ‘Physics’.

At Natural Sciences Faculty 403 students are studying this year, including 280 full-time students and 123 students taking correspondence courses.

The teaching staff numbers 52 specialists, among them there are seven Doctors of Sciences, 28 Candidates of Sciences and 17 senior teachers and junior members of teaching staff.

The research Institute of applied ecology, four research laboratories: ‘Khimeks’, ‘X-ray Structure Analysis’, ‘Heavy Electrons Observatory’ and ‘Applied Plasma Dynamics’ work at the Faculty.
 Philology Faculty
  • Department of the English Language
  • Department of Foreign Language Practice
  • Department of Pedagogics
  • Department of Theory and Practice of Translation and Interpretation from Romanic and Germanic Languages
  • Department of Ukrainian Language and Literature

Due to the increasing demand of enterprises, organizations, educational institutions in qualified specialists in philology in July, 2006 the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University created Philology Department. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Bader V.I. was appointed the Dean of the Department.

Structure of the Department

The Department includes the following Chairs:

  • Chair of the Ukrainian Language and Literature;
  • Chair of the English Language;
  • Chair of Foreign Languages ;
  • Chair of Pedagogics ;
  • Chair of Theory and Practice of Translation and Interpretation from Romanic and Germanic Languages;
  • Chair of Foreign Languages Skills Development.

The Department trains specialists in four specialties: ‘Ukrainian Language and Literature’, ‘Applied Linguistics’, ‘Translation’, ‘Professional Training’. The Department has a good potential for training highly qualified specialists. The teaching staff of the Philology Department numbers 130 people, including eight professors, doctors of sciences and 27 associate professors, candidates of sciences.

Since 2004 at the Chair of Pedagogics the Doctorate course has been opened. The speciality 13.00.01 – General Pedagogics and History of Pedagogics, and the post-graduate course in the specialities: 13.00.01 – General Pedagogics and History of Pedagogics; 13.00.04 – Theory and Methods of Professional Training; 13.00.07 – Theory and Principles of Education. In February, 2004 there was established the specialized academic council which deals with defending of Ph.D. theses in the speciality 13.00.07 – Theory and Principles of Education. The magistracy ‘Pedagogics of Higher Educational Establishments’ has been working since September 1, 2004. The magistracy was established also at the Chair of the Ukrainian Language and Literature and now it functions successfully.

Students of the Philology Department have the opportunity to train in art studios, take part in the work of scientific groups, realize their organizational skills in the university social unions, train in different sports sections. The scientific conference of students, post-graduates and junior research workers ‘Problems of Globalization and Models of Steady Economic Development’ is held every year. Combination of education and creative ideas lets the students become winners in different students’ contests every year.

 Philosophy Faculty
  • Department of Applied Philosophy and Theology
  • Department of Human Problems and Philosophy of Health
  • Department of Philosophy of Culture and Culturology
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Social and Practical Psychology
  • Department of World Philosophy and Aesthetics


Philosophy Faculty is a young department of the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University, however, the philosophic course of education already has a long history as the time of establishment of philosophic departments at the universities of Europe corresponds to the time of foundation of universities themselves and dates back to XIII – XIV centuries. The Department was established in July, 2001. Professor Sukhantseva V.K. was appointed the Dean of the Department, Associate Professor Lustenko A.Y. – Vice-dean on educational work. The Department consists of the following Chair of Philosophy (now the Chair of World Philosophy and Aesthetics), the Chair of Religions, the Chair of Psychology. In 2005 there appeared a new Chair at the department ‘ Chair of Human Problems and Philosophy of Health’ which began to enroll students on the course ‘Human Health’ in 2007.The Chair of Tourism and Hotel Service which enrolls students on courses ‘Tourism’ and ‘Hotel Service’ became a part of the Department in 2007.

 Rail Communications Systems Faculty
  • Department of Hydraulic Gas Dynamics
  • Department of Internal Combustion Engines
  • Department of Metrology
  • Department of Organization and Management of Transportation and of the Railway Transport
  • Department of Railway Transport
The Railway Transport Department was established according to the university rector’s order on June 25, 2007. It consists of such chairs as ‘Railway Transport’, ‘Hydraulic Gas Dynamics’, ‘Internal-combustion Engines’, ‘Metrology’, ‘Organization and Management of Transportation and of the Railway Transport’. At the chairs of the institute students are trained at such courses of training as ‘Railway Transport’, ‘Engineering Mechanics’, ‘Mechanics’, ‘Machine-building’, ‘Metrology Measuring Devices and Information Measuring Technologies’, ‘Transport Technologies’ and at seven specialities: ‘Rolling Stock and Special Equipment of Railway Transport’, ‘Organization and Management of Transportation and of the Railway Transport’, ‘Internal-combustion Engines’, ‘Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment’, ‘Metrology and Measuring Technology’, ‘Hydroaerodynamics’ and ‘Quality, Standartization and Certification’. Since the establishment of the institute at the first meeting of its academic council there have been marked the main directions of the institute staff work. They are: educational process improvement and rise of educational service quality; development of scientific potential of international research contacts and activities which are aimed at realization of scientific achievements in practical aspect; improvement of doctors’ and candidates’ of sciences training; improvement of methodical and informational provision of educational activity; stirring up of pedagogical work, development of social sphere, popularization of the healthy lifestyle, participation in social and sports life of the university.

These goals have been efficiently and creatively achieved by the chairs staff of the department the heads of which are: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honoured worker of science and engineering of Ukraine, corresponding member of the Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, academician of the Ukrainian Engineering Academy, academician of the Ukrainian Transport Academy and Academy of Transport of the Russian Federation, Honoured railwayman of Ukraine and the Russian Federation - Golubenko Oleksandr Leonidovych; Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Lift-and-Carry Sciences, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences – Osenin Yuriy Ivanovych; Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor – Krainyuk Oleksandr Ivanovych; Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences – Chernets’ka Natalya Borysivna and Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor – Kyrychenko Iryna Oleksiivna.

For the educational, pedagogical and research activities is responsible a highly qualified teaching staff the members of which are 13 Professors, Doctors of Sciences and 32 Associate Professors, Candidates of Sciences. The total number of students of the institute is 1,600 people, including 870 full-time students.

 Transport Systems and Logistics Faculty
  • Department of Automobiles
  • Department of Labor Safety and Life Security
  • Department of Material-Handling Equipment
  • Department of Transport Systems

Our department was founded in 2007 when the research institute of transport technologies was divided into two departments.

The department consists of four chairs that have been working for over 35 years and three of them are graduate. There are research laboratories at the department. Three graduate chairs have post-graduate courses and doctorate. There also functions the Specialized academic council which deals with theses defending on Doctor’s degree and Ph.D theses at the specialities “Industrial Transport’ and ‘Railway Rolling Stock’. The department has enough potential for training highly qualified specialists. There are 80% of teachers with scientific degrees and honourary titles in the teaching staff of the department, namely 4 Doctors and 38 Candidates of Technical Sciences. So, there are all conditions at the department that allow to train well-qualified specialists who are able to solve complicated technical and technological problems of transport.

Nowadays new educational technologies are being introduced into the process of education. Our department trains specialists according to four specialities and six specialization fields. Education received at the department is a firm base for your future career. People choose their specialities for the whole life and it means that each person should take the choice of profession very seriously.

The total number of students studying at the department is 1,030 people (full-time course – 750, correspondence course – 380). At the department, the Head of which is Doctor of Technical Sciences Nechayev Hryhoriy Ivanovych, are trained specialists able to solve problems connected with: planning; management of financial and transport streams in local, long-distance and international transportations; operation of motor, railway, pipe-line and special kinds of transport, mobile trains, rolling stock; development of urban and industrial transport.

Special attention is paid to research activities. The main courses of research works are technological improvement of the work of transport at the enterprises of Ukraine, elaboration of technological processes, of logistic service of storage facilities, of coordination of spur-tracks with connecting stations, certification of spur-tracks, technical appraisal of permanent resources of lift-and-carry and boiler equipment, improvement of mobile railway and motor stocks, improvement of pipe-line transport, creation of water-coal and powdered fuel and resource preserving technology on transport. Students are also involved in these works.

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