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Lugansk (pronounced in Ukrainian as Luhansk) region is situated in eastern Ukraine and borders on the Russian Federation in the east , the north and the south. The total length of the state border in our region is about 700 km. The river Seversky Donets, the tributary of the Don, a great Russian river, divides the territory of the region into two parts - the northern and the southern one. The northern part of the region is mainly agricultural and the southern one is famous for its industrial centres. Lugansk region has neighborly relations with three Russian regions: Belgorod, Voronezh and Rostov. It also borders on Donetsk region in the west and south- west and on Kharkiv region in the north-west.

Lugansk is a twin-city of many foreign cities such as Cardiff (United Kingdom), St. Etienne (France), Pernik (Bolgaria), Sekeshfehervar (Hungary), Lublin (Poland). Now corporation and friends' connections are established with such towns Dancin (China), Vansboro (Switzeland).

Lugansk is a city of regional significance, an administrative centre Lugansk region. Lugansk is situated on northern slopes of Donetsk range, in the valley of the river Lugan. In lugansk there is a big railway junction, bus station and a airport. The population of the lugansk city is 550,000 people. Lugansk is divided into four districts: Lenin, Zhovtnevy,Artemovsky, Kamenobrodsky.

Lugansk region stretches for over 270 km ( about 146 miles) from the north to the south and for 170 km ( about 92 miles) from the west to the east. The geographical position of the region is very favorable. It occupies a well-developed agricultural territory and it has neighbors with advanced economy.

Lugansk is not only a beautiful city with parks, public gardens and memorial places, but also one of the largest industrial centers of Ukraine. Its enterprises has been unique and famous all over the Soviet Union and abroad: machine-building factory, diesel-locomotive-building factory, textile factory and others.

Lugansk is famous for its institutes and universities: Lugansk State Medical University, the East-Ukrainian National University, Shevchenko State Pedagogical University, State Agricultural University and Institute of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

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