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Stduent Life & Activitites

 Students of East-Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl are talented and creative. They have wide opportunities to develop their talents in societies and groups of various kinds.

Regular exercises assist in learning national traditions, forming of aesthetic tastes and raising cultural level of future specialists.

Thousands of students have the talents of singing, dancing, acting etc. and in more than 20 groups of amateur art activities everybody can find something to their taste.

Our collectives have an honorary status of national ones: national collective of folk dances ‘Svitoch’, national choir of kozaks songs ‘Vol’nyzya’, national choir of folk musical instruments, national choir of modern pop songs ‘Svitanok of Ukraine.

These and other collectives have become laureates and prize-winners of International and All-Ukraine competitions and festivals many times.

The collectives of ballroom dances ‘Olimp i ya’ (‘Olympus and me’) and of sport dances ‘Pulse’ are of great importance for aesthetic education.

There are students’ theatres of miniature performances at every university department. Their performances are always very sincere and touch the hearts of students. Moreover, the All-University Theatre ‘StudDahlteatr’ prepares two-three miniature plays every year, special attention of which is paid to the subjects close to all students.

In the university choir together with students sing professors and teachers.

They are also members of the popular collective ‘Staryi kvadrat’ (‘Old Square’) where they always rejoice the audience with new performances.

It is necessary to say that everybody who has taken part in the university amateur art activities never stop doing it. And it’s worth it.

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The remarkable event in the university life was the performance of students’ theatre ‘StudDahlteatr’ called ‘Nezabyvaemye vstrechi’ (‘Unforgettable meetings’) based on the historical play written by Sviridova T., producer- Lysenko V. The performance was dedicated to the day of birth of V.Dahl. The subject of the play is life and friendship of famous people Dahl V.I. and Pushkin O.S. Despite the fact that the roles were played by students, not professional actors, the images of writers were really complete and the main idea and subject of the play were expressed fully. Volodymyr Dahl after whom the university is named was a prominent specialist in folklore; therefore the leitmotif of the performance became live folklore music. All the actors of the ‘StudDahlteatr’ took the work very seriously and they were awarded with the storm of applause.

At the desire of students the performance will be played an encore.

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