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Clinic For Students

 Student Clinic of East-Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl was opened in 1971. It is students’ health-centre. 45.000 students have been made healthier here. Doctors of the university health unit choose candidates who need to be brought into a healthy state.

 First of all they are pertaining to the prophylaxy patients, groups of students often getting ill who have been discharged from hospital, students with asthenia after infections, physical, mental overstrains etc. 100 people improve their health every month there.

 Student Clinic is situated on the territory of the campus. It is a five storied building with all necessary facilities.

 The medical resources of the Student Clinic include the rooms of phototherapy, heating therapy, inhalatorium, the rooms of laser therapy, massage, phytotherapy, a treatment room, gynecologist’s and dentist’s offices, a sauna, therapeutic showers, baths, rooms for physiotherapy exercises, psychotherapy.

 There is a canteen for 50 people in the sanatorium-preventorium. It is fully provided with all necessary equipment. There are three meals a day. The menu is diverse. The dining-room is aesthetically decorated. It is clean and cozy. The service is of the highest quality.

 The students’ health-centre is staffed with highly-qualified specialists. The chief doctor is a candidate of medical sciences. The health-centre works 24 hours, treatments are conducted from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m. There is a green zone around the building of the sanatorium-preventorium.

 Not far from the health-centre on the territory of the university campus there are buildings of the university, library, cultural club, students’ canteen, stadium, sports building and students’ dormitories. The Student Clinic is very popular among students of the university.

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