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Study Computer Science In Ukraine

The Chair of Computer Sciences was created on June 30, 2004 by means of division of the Chair of Computerized Systems and its previous name was the Chair of Computer Integrated Technologies. The Chair was headed by Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Dyadichev Valeriy Volodyslavovych, who defended dissertation for acquiring academic degree of a doctor of technical sciences in 2003. On the moment of creation the basis of the teaching staff consisted of such teachers who worked on the Chair of Automatics and Control Systems before: Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Dyadichev Valeriy Volodyslavovych; Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Lokotosh Borys Mikolayovych; Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Kapusta Leonid Volodymyrovych; Assistant Lecturer Koliesnikov Andriy Valeriyovych (since 2004 the Senior Lecturer of the chair); and the teachers who worked on the Chair of Computerized Systems before: Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Pogorelov Oleg Oleksiyovych and Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Yevstignieyev Igor Mykolayovych.

The teaching staff of assistant lecturers included the best graduates of the Chair of Automatics and Control Systems (holders of Master's degrees and postgraduates): Safronov Kostyantyn Mikolayovych, Tereschenko Tetyana Mykhailivna, Sheiko Andriy Oleksandrovych. The subsidiary educational staff included the following workers: the head of laboratories Zhukovskiy Anatoliy Volodymyrovych, engineer Yadykin Viktor Anatoliyovych, engineer Gukovska Lyudmyla Andriyivna, engineer Gladkova Svitlana Gennadiyivna, laboratory assistant Zhylina Galyna Volodymyrivna, laboratory assistant Girin Sergiy Yuriyovych, who defended in 2006 his Master of Philosophy dissertation and was accepted on the position of assistant lecturer.

Over the 2004-2007 years period the chair prepared 112 specialists and 53 masters in speciality "Computer Integrated Technological Processes and Productions".

In 2004 a modern multimedia computer class with the local net and access to the global Internet system was established on the chair. All working places of the chair staff were equipped with computer stations that have quick audio- and video connection with each other. Modern licensed software that is updated regularly when more modern version appears was installed on each computer working station. The works were lead under the guidance of the head of laboratories Zhukovskiy Anatoliy Volodymyrovych.

In 2005 the chair altered work plans and methodological provision taking into account the plans for similar specialities of the leading USA and Europe Universities.

In 2005 senior lecturer of the chair Kolesnikov Andriy Valeriyovych (since 2006 an associate professor of the chair) successfully defended dissertation for obtaining the Candidate of Technical Sciences academic degree. His scientific adviser was Dyadichev Valeriy Volodyslavovych. Over the period of 2005-2006 years under the guidance of Dyadichev Valeriy Volodyslavovych and Veryovka Denis Mikolayovych the teachers of the chair Pryleskiy Kostyantyn Yuriyovych, Rybtsev Igor Volodymyrovych, Verkhovod Natalya Valentynivna, Malyshko Tetyana Sergiyivna actively developed and implemented the University educational and managerial activity automation system IT-VUZ.

In 2006 the branch was opened and the first admission of students was made in the Feodosiya department of the Crimea faculty, where there is a possibility to study by correspondence on the chair's speciality. Instructive and examination sessions at the branch are conducted by leading associate professors and professors of the chair in their business trips to the branch. Besides this, students of the branch owing to the system IT-VUZ have the possibility to receive distantly all the new instructional materials of the chair, send written tests and receive reviews on them, pass tests, communicate with teachers on-line and using e-mail.

During 2006-2007 years the second computer class and multimedia lecture hall equipped with the digital projector were created.

In 2007 assistant lecturer of the chair Tereschenko Tetyana Mykhailivna successfully defended dissertation for obtaining academic degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences. Scientific adviser: Dyadichev Valeriy Volodyslavovych.

Since 2007 the chair was reorganized into the Chair of Computer Sciences and now it is responsible for the training direction "Computer Sciences" on specialities "Information Managerial Systems and Technologies" and "Information Technologies of Design".

Since October the 1st, 2007 the chair trains foreign students within the direction "Computer Sciences" in English language.

In 2010 the chair opened the third computer class.

By 2011 the chair has trained more than 50 foreign students.

Under the direction of V.V. Dyadychev worked on dissertations in 2011 and successfully defended them such people as: senior lecturer of the chair of computer sciences Safronov Konstantin Mykolayovych for the degree of Ph.D. and Associate Professor of the chair Pogorelov Oleg Oleksiyovych for the degree of the Doctor of Technical Sciences. Many developments were done in the field of informatization, the "Electronic Record Book" system through which students and parents can view the progress in studies was developed. Informational and reference portal «METOD.SNU», where students can download learning materials on subjects that are studied was created. In September 2011, by the order of the rector the Chair of Computer Sciences was assigned to the one of the largest faculties of the university, International Faculty.



  • WEB - Technologies and WEB - Design
  • Computer Design
  • IT - design of the Interior and Landscape
  • Programming
  • Databases Organization 
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Architecture
  • Information Safety
  • IT- projects and Business Processes Management
  • Computer Simulation
  • Internet Telephony and Mobile Programming
  • Microprocessor Systems
  • Application Software
  • Computer Circuitry
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering

International Collaboration

International connections of the Chair of Computer Sciences with educational institutions and organizations of foreign countries are characterized with two directions: specialists training for the foreign countries and cooperation with foreign institutes of higher education. The Chair of Computer Sciences has well established international relations. Students from Russia, Israel, Syria, India, China, and Jordan study within the direction "Computer Sciences". Within the scope of international interchange between Ukraine and Germany the students are prepared on the chair for study at German Universities. The chair actively cooperates with foreign institutions of higher education in such directions of scientific and research work as:

  • foreign students teaching;
  • postgraduate education and professional development;
  • scientific manpower training;
  • organization of preparation and study course of students abroad;
  • joint research work with foreign scientific and industrial organizations;
  • joint methodological work on students and specialists training;
  • participation of teachers and scientific associates of the chair in international scientific and methodological conferences;
  • joint publication of research papers, monographs, thesis reports.

Head of the department Valeriy Dyadychev is the leader of international academic cooperation project «Higher Education System Development for Social Partnership Improvement and Humanity Sciences Competitiveness» within the framework of program TEMPUS IV.

The chair of Computer Sciences invites to collaboration institutions of higher education as well as scientific and industrial organizations in such directions of scientific activity as:

  • development of software for polymer packing production and processing equipment;
  • software for polymer processing process mathematical simulation;
  • creation of equipment and software for automation of transport supervisory control by means of satellite navigators;
  • distance education systems creation;
  • creation of software for automation of documents circulation in educational institutions;
  • development of measuring information system of conveyor transport technical diagnostics and operating conditions forecasting;
  • development of measuring information system of control and guidance of mineral processing by means of flotation.

The Chair of Computer Sciences will gladly consider propositions concerning joint scientific, production and methodological activity from foreign institutes of higher education, scientific and production organizations.

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