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Study Economics In Ukraine

East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University offers economics course. The duration of the course is 4 years, the degree awarded is bachelors. Active international trade and low inflation, interest rates and unemployment are all signs of a healthy economy. Equally, if your personal finances are in good shape it’s probably down to sound economic management. Whether it’s planning for your future, managing public services, or running a multinational business, the allocation of resources between competing forces is a fine and constantly shifting balancing act. Because economics directly relates to everyday life it’s a fascinating subject to study.

Our Economics courses and qualifications take you from the basic theories and principles, through to more in-depth debate and insight into key issues, such as who wins and loses from globalisation, and ask whether continued economic growth is compatible with environment protection. An economics qualification opens up career opportunities in accountancy, finance and management, although the skills you acquire will be valued and rewarded by many organisations. The common aspiration of all economists is to produce policies that make these exchanges more efficient and benefit society at large.

Economists tend to study the current environment, concentrating especially on areas such as unemployment, inflation, interest rates and exchange rates. Economics can be split into macro (worldwide issues) and micro (individual markets and case studies). It is important to remember that economics is a science and so relevant research and data analysis is expected to support all theories.

The courses are in economics including economic principles, applied economics, statistics and economic history. Electives can be additional economics courses, including in the areas of environmental economics, international trade and development economics, and commerce courses such as marketing or management. Students can also choose courses from other disciplines, for example, geography, history, languages, philosophy, politics, applied or pure mathematics, science and computer science.

Innovation Economics and Cybernetics Department was established in August 2009 when the department of economic management was renamed, which was formed in July 2007 as a result of the School of Management section, which, consisted of leading chairs of economic and financial departments, which for 30 years have trained specialists in the field of economics management.  All specialities are of the IV-th level of accreditation.

The Department has a powerful scientific-pedagogical and logistical capacity to train professionals who know the methods of economics management, marketing, project management and labor resources.

More than 70 teachers work at the Department, among whom 15% have a doctorate degree, 67% of the staff are Ph.D. Most chairs are headed by Doctors of Science, leading experts in relevant fields. Specialists and scholars of the Department conduct research on such issues as intelligent systems and modeling technologies, forecasting and decision making in economic and environmental monitoring, computer and mathematical modeling of ecological-economic, medical, biological and technological processes and systems, nonlinear modeling in the social economic and ecological systems, management of regional education systems project management in transition economies, preparing a new generation of public servants in Ukraine formation use and development of managerial capacity, study of trends in the modern labor marketheoretical and methodological aspects of improving the effectiveness of marketing activities of enterprises .

Teachers and students do internships abroad, publish scientific articles in specialized editions, participate in joint projects with scientists from leading universities in Russia, Greece, Germany, Spain, France and Poland. The Department has postgraduate and doctoral courses. Best graduates that have received a degree, return to their native chairs as teachers.

Students of Innovation Economics and Cybernetics Department have the opportunity to be involved in art studios, participate in scientific schools meetings, to realize their organizational skills in the university organizations, to attend various sports sections. Annually is held the Scientific Conference of graduate students and young scientists "The Challenges of Globalization and Sustainable Development Model of the Economics”. Organic integration of learning with creative solutions allows representatives of the Department to win prizes in various student competitions almost each year.

The prospect of the Department development is connected with further implementation of the principle of free, creative education, improvement of existing bachelor's and opening new master's educational programs, enlarging international cooperation.

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