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Study International Law in Ukraine

Law Department of the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University is one of the most popular Departments in Luhans’k because law is the most important component in the process of building a rightful and democratic state in Ukraine.

The structure of the Department includes the chairs of: Law Science, History of Ukraine, World History, History of State and Law, Archives Study, Economic Law. The teaching staff of the Department are highly qualified specialists who apply effective pedagogical and innovation technologies. The evidence of the fruitful work of the scientists of the Department are hundreds of propositions and expert conclusions on the projects of legislative enactments of Ukraine, 40 monographs, about 100 text-books and training aids in law and history.

The Department actively cooperates with the international fund ‘Vidrodzhennya’ (‘Revival’) according to the project ? 2506231 ‘Elaboration of Educational and Methodical Complex of the Discipline ‘Fundamentals of Juridical Clinical Practice’ for higher educational establishments adapted to the Bologna process’.

Now the Department is a modern educational complex which includes elements of graded education and trains Bachelors, Specialists, Masters, there are courses of raising level of skills and department of second higher education. Important role in training well-qualified specialists play post-graduate department and department of doctorate where post-graduates and future doctors work at problems of law in the field of labour and social service, native and world history.

Law Department of the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University trains highly qualified specialists in jurisprudence who can work in State government and institutions of local governing, juridical service of enterprises, institutions ,organizations of all forms of property and specialists in history, archives study who can work in the system of educational institutions and archival fund of Ukraine.

There are 1,500 students and post-graduate students studying at the department on day, night and correspondence forms of education.

Law Department has a modern material and technical base at its disposal: a four-storeyed building with comfortable lecture-rooms, computer classes and laboratories in the main fields of law, criminalistic room, guidance room of law.

Students of the Department take part in All-Ukraine, regional and university scientific conferences, Olympiads, contests of students’ works in law and history. For the past five years students have become winners in the All-Ukraine contest of students’ works in law and history among juridical higher educational establishments of Ukraine.

There is a juridical clinic ‘PRO BONO' at the Department. It was organized to consolidate and develop ties between the theory of law and juridical practice, to develop professional skills of students, to let them solve social problems by giving juridical help. The juridical clinic takes part in the program ‘Juridical Clinics of Ukraine’ with the support of the international fund ‘Vidrodzhennya’ (‘Revival’) and is the member of the Association of juridical clinics of Ukraine.

Students of the Department have a chance to use the research library of the university, the stock of which is about 1 million native and foreign sources of information, modern computer databases with access to the Internet.

There is a students’ self-government at the Department. The students’ council solves problems of various kinds which appear in the life of students. Many students participate in the university sports competitions, in contests of amateur art activities and often win.

The head of the Department is Lazor Lidiya Ivanivna, Doctor of Jurisprudence, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Informatization, Academician of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety, Academician of the Higher Educational Establishments of Ukraine, Associate member of the Academy of Juridical Sciences, Honoured worker of science and engineering, Commissar of rank ?? , Lieutenant-General of the International Committee on Protection of People’s Rights, Honoured lawyer of Ukraine. Lazor L.I. is a well-known scientist in labour law, author of more than 200 research works, founder of the labour law school in the Luhans’k region.

Lazor L.I. is a member of the International Association of Writers’ Unions, member of Writers’ Union of Russia, author of 25 poetic, prosaic and musical collected works of different kinds. In her books Lazor L.I. writes about moral principles in life, about belief and moral improvement. Reading her works you understand how difficult it is now to have moral principles and cultural values.

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