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The faculty of innovative economics and cybernetics was established in August 2009 as the result of renaming of the Faculty of Economic Management, which was established in July 2007 by the Faculty of Management section, of which, in its turn, is the leading department of economic and financial departments, training specialists in economic management over 30 years.

The head of the faculty of innovative economics and cybernetics is PhD, Professor S.K Ramazanov.
The faculty has a strong scientific-pedagogical and logistical capacity to prepare specialists in economic management methods, marketing, project management and human resources.

The faculty consists of more than 70 teachers, among them 15% have a doctorate, and 67% - candidates.

Most departments are headed by doctors and professors, leading experts in their respective industries.
Teachers and students of the faculty conduct research on issues such as intelligent systems and technology modeling, forecasting, management and decision-making in the environmental and economic monitoring, computer and mathematical modeling of environmental, economic, medical, biological and technological processes and systems, nonlinear modeling in socio-economic and ecological systems, management of regional education systems (Professor Ramazanov SK), project management in the transition economies, the preparation of a new generation of civil servants in Ukraine (Professor Rach V.A.) formation, the use and development of management capacity, trends of the labor market (senior Sumtsov V.G.), the theoretical and methodological aspects of improving the effectiveness of marketing activities of enterprises (Prof. Maximova T.S.).

Teachers and students are trained abroad, they publish scientific articles in specialized collections, participate in joint projects with scientists from leading universities in Russia, Greece, Germany, Spain, France and Poland. There are postgraduate and doctoral studies at the faculty. The best graduates, receiving a degree, returned to their native faculty as teachers.

Students of the faculty of innovative economics and cybernetics have the opportunity to be engaged in creative studios, participate in scientific groups, to realize their organizational skills in the university community groups to visit various sports sections, annual scientific conference of students, postgraduates and young scientists "The challenges of globalization and sustainable development models of the economy." Integration of learning with creative initiatives to combat allows annual prizes in various student competitions.

The prospect of the faculty associated with the further implementation of the principle of free creative education, the improvement of existing undergraduate and opening of new master's programs, the expansion of international cooperation.

The main activity of the Faculty is the organization of the educational process of training for full-time, part-time and accelerated forms of education, different education and skill levels (Bachelor, Specialist, Master) in the following specialties:

  • 8.030502 - Economical Cybernetics;
  • 8.030507 - Marketing;
  • 8.030505 - Personnel Management and Labour Economics;
  • 8.050110 - Applied Statistics;
  • 8.18010011 - Intellectual property;
  • 8.18010013 - Project Management;
  • 8.18010012 - Innovation management;
  • 8.1800170012 - Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources.

All specialties are IV level of accreditation.

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