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The Automobile Transport Department was founded in 2007 on the basis of the Institute of Transport Technologies chairs according to the Order ? 6 of June 25, 2007 of the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University. Now the department includes four chairs three of which graduate students.

The dean of the department is Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor Kravchenko Oleksandr Petrovych.

At the department students are trained on three specialities: ‘Automobiles and Automobile Equipment’, ‘Municipal Construction and Servicing’, ‘Organization and management of Transportation and of the Transport (Automobile Transport)’. General engineering disciplines, such as Theoretic and Applied Mechanics, Resistance of Materials are taught at the chair ‘Theoretic and Applied Mechanics’. Nowadays new educational technologies are being used in the educational process. That is why at the department are trained specialists of high quality who are able to solve problems connected with planning, organization of financial and transport streams control, operation of motor transport and municipal construction and servicing.

The teaching staff includes many teachers who have scientific degrees and academic status. Now there are five Doctors of Sciences and 31 Candidate of Sciences working at the department.

Students can receive Bachelor’s degree, become specialists or get Master’s degree at full-time courses or correspondence courses at the department. The specialities are accredited according to the fourth level of accreditation.

The total number of students studying at the department every year is more than 1,000 people. There are 615 full -time students and 567 students studying at correspondence course at the department in 2007-2008.

After graduating from the university students of the department can take up leading posts in the field of automobile transport and construction depending on the speciality.

There are research laboratories working at the department. At the chairs from which students graduate there are post-graduate courses. The staff of the department is skilled enough to train well-qualified specialists.

Much attention is paid to research activity. The main directions of research works are technological improvement of the work of automobile transport branch of Ukraine, elaboration of technological processes of automobile transport complex and service centers, technological improvement of transport highways and high constructions building, etc. Students are also involved in these works.

At the department the branch of the Institute of transport systems and technologies of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and Luhans’k department of the Transport Academy of Ukraine are working. The head of these units is Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, honoured worker of science and technology Y.A.Kulikov.

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