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Study Phiology In Ukraine

Due to the increasing demand of enterprises, organizations, educational institutions in qualified specialists in philology in July, 2006 the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University created Philology Department. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Bader V.I. was appointed the Dean of the Department.

Structure of the Department

The Department includes the following Chairs:

  • Chair of the Ukrainian Language and Literature;
  • Chair of the English Language;
  • Chair of Foreign Languages ;
  • Chair of Pedagogics ;
  • Chair of Theory and Practice of Translation and Interpretation from Romanic and Germanic Languages;
  • Chair of Foreign Languages Skills Development.

The Department trains specialists in four specialties: ‘Ukrainian Language and Literature’, ‘Applied Linguistics’, ‘Translation’, ‘Professional Training’. The Department has a good potential for training highly qualified specialists. The teaching staff of the Philology Department numbers 130 people, including eight professors, doctors of sciences and 27 associate professors, candidates of sciences.

Since 2004 at the Chair of Pedagogics the Doctorate course has been opened. The speciality 13.00.01 – General Pedagogics and History of Pedagogics, and the post-graduate course in the specialities: 13.00.01 – General Pedagogics and History of Pedagogics; 13.00.04 – Theory and Methods of Professional Training; 13.00.07 – Theory and Principles of Education. In February, 2004 there was established the specialized academic council which deals with defending of Ph.D. theses in the speciality 13.00.07 – Theory and Principles of Education. The magistracy ‘Pedagogics of Higher Educational Establishments’ has been working since September 1, 2004. The magistracy was established also at the Chair of the Ukrainian Language and Literature and now it functions successfully.

Students of the Philology Department have the opportunity to train in art studios, take part in the work of scientific groups, realize their organizational skills in the university social unions, train in different sports sections. The scientific conference of students, post-graduates and junior research workers ‘Problems of Globalization and Models of Steady Economic Development’ is held every year. Combination of education and creative ideas lets the students become winners in different students’ contests every year.


Full-time course, correspondence course. Financing: budgetary, contractual.

  • investigation of methodological, social and cultural problems of translation, semantic and stylistic problems of translation texts of different genres, methodical aspects of teaching foreign languages and translation;
  • analysis of English speaking countries literature and forming creative personality of students;
  • important problems of the modern pragmatic and communicative approach to the language learning; theory and practice of translation of fiction;
  • investigation of means of oral and written speech improvement of pupils, students, philologists;
  • problems of formation and development of the Ukrainian computer linguistic didactics;
  • investigation of antroponymy and toponymy of the East-Ukrainian habitat;
  • topical questions connected with proper names in fiction;
  • investigation of phraseology of the Luhans’k region;
  • investigation of proverbs of the Luhans’k region;
  • problems of poetic style in modern literature;
  • analysis of stylistic peculiarities of the historical Romance philology;
  • problems of prescriptive linguistics in the context of modern anthropological linguistics; literary standard dynamics;
  • investigation of cultural development of a person: methodology, theory and practice.

Chairs of the department have good material and technical base at their disposal, the educational process is carried out in technically equipped lecture-rooms, modern computer class-rooms which have access to the Internet. All disciplines are provided with methodical aids, recommendations to the fulfillment of individual works, tests, diploma works, with lecture summaries.

Teachers and students of the department are constant participants of many national and foreign scientific conferences in philological problems. Winners of students’ Olympiads and contests of research works publish results of their investigations in collected scientific articles. Students of the Department practise in such countries as Germany, France, and Turkey. The policy of international cooperation development is aimed to ease the access of workers and students of the department to the world achievements in philology.

Studying at the Department does not limit on studying only. Cultural and sports activities of students-philologists are famous for their achievements. Students of the Philology Department train in the university dance group ‘ Olympus and me’, collective of folk dances “Svitoch’, sing in chorale ‘Svitanok Ukrainy’, university choir. Such dance groups as ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Pulse’ are also arranged at the Department, besides the latter is a welcomed guest abroad (in Turkey). Artistic talents can be realized in ‘StudDahltheatre’ performances of which always gather a lot of spectators. Students of the Department are the members of the comic group ‘Eto zdorovo’.

A good practice for students-philologists is edition of the newspaper ‘Myr (youth and reality)’ in which students publish various in genres works (essays, articles, stories, poetry) and have the opportunity to try themselves not only as authors but also as editors, illustrators etc.

In order to learn foreign languages thoroughly and to acquire deep knowledge of the culture of the countries at the Department work clubs of amateurs of French ‘Panorama’ and of German ‘Fur Dich’, the English club ‘Hi’. Meetings with representatives of France, Germany, and the USA have become a good tradition of these clubs.

The Department Chairs maintain close contacts with enterprises and organizations of the city and region. Future philologists do practical training there and the best graduates are offered a job there. Graduates of the department work as translators at joint German-Ukrainian (‘Grand’) and French-Ukrainian (‘Mriya’) enterprises, in well-known organizations and enterprises of the city (‘Styl’, ‘Sovtransauto’, ‘Polipak’, the Chamber of Commerce etc.), in Kyiv and in the countries of Europe and in the USA.

Since 2003 in the structure of the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University has been working the Institute of Cultural Development of a Person. It was established on a voluntary basis by the Donets’k scientific centre of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in October 13, 1999. As the basis for establishment of the Institute served scientific achievements of the research school ‘Formation of Cultural Wealth of Youth’ which was founded by Shevchenko H.P., a Corresponding member of the Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogics, honored worker of science and engineering, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, and other prominent scientists of Donbas in different fields of human and natural history.

The tasks of the Institute lie in conduction of fundamental and applied scientific investigations connected with problems of cultural development of a person; coordination and arrangement of scientific investigations in Donets’k region connected with problems of cultural development of a person; assistance in rising cultural, intellectual, moral, aesthetical and creative potential of the youth and whole population; scientific consultation of governmental bodies and local governments in organizational and methodical matters of cultural development of a person and society; edition of scientific and methodical literature with conclusions of the scientific investigations conducted; issuing specialized scientific editions; holding international and All-Ukrainian symposia, conferences, meetings and seminars.

Scientists of the Institute have worked out the following scientific projects: ‘Quality Metering of Immateriality and Psychological and Pedagogical Models of Students’ Cultural Development’, ‘Cultural Education of Children, Family, Pupils and Students According to Historical and Patriotic, Cultural and Artistic Traditions of the Region’, ‘Monitoring of Cultural Development of Youth’, ‘Cultural Rehabilitation of Teenagers and Young People in Retention Centres’, ‘Theoretical and Methodical Principles of Cultural Development in Higher Educational Establishments under Conditions of Globalization of Modern Society’, ‘Culture of Behavior – Cultural, Moral and Aesthetical Value of a Person’ etc.

The Institute develops international relations, works at implementation of the scientific and cultural project ‘Unity of Cultures of the Slavic People’ which was worked out in 2004. The Institute also maintains contacts with Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia, and Byelorussia.

There have been issued 14 collections of scientific articles ‘Immateriality of a Person: Methodology, Theory and Practice’.

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