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Study Computer System Engineering In Ukraine

Up-to-day development rates of information technologies and computer engineering demand from the worker not only special but also fundamental system knowledge. Technological innovation designs become an integral part of life and the person aiming at success and working at self-improvement should have the knowledge and practical skills of using new devices, networks and systems.

Due to the enterprises and organizations increasing demand for well-qualified specialists who are able to create and operate systems of automatic and automated control over wide range of objects using modern computer and information technologies in July, 2000 the Computer Technologies and Automation Department has been founded. Professor Ul’shyn V.O. was appointed the Dean of the Department, his deputy on educational work – professor Dyadychev V.V. and his deputy on pedagogical work – Associate Professor Kapusta L.V.

The department consists of such chairs as ‘Automation and ?ontrol Systems’ and ‘Computerized Systems’. The Chair of Computerized Systems was established in 1998 to train specialists on the speciality ‘Flexible Computerized Systems and Robotics’. The Chair of Automation and Control Systems was founded in 1962 to train specialists on the speciality ‘Automation and All-round Mechanization of Industrial Processes’.

Except the chairs mentioned above in 2003 part the Chair ‘Electronic Industry Equipment’ was established at the department. It has gained a new speciality ‘Information Technologies of Designing’. In 2004 a new chair ‘Computer Integrated Technologies’ was established at the department.

The Order to change the name of the department and its chairs was issued in 2007. These changes are connected with introduction of a new list of courses of training bachelors, Order of the Ministry of Education and Science #58 of 27.01.2007.

Now the Department of Computer Sciences consists of four Chairs: "Computer Sciences", "System Engineering", "Automation and Computer Integrated Techniques", "Chair of Computer Technologies at Industrial and Urban Transport".

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